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Amateur Football Combination

The Amateur Football Combination is one of the biggest adult football leagues in Europe, with around 100 clubs and 350 sides playing Saturday afternoons in and around London and the Home Counties from September through to May. Our football is true grassroots football, where players pay to play, on local grounds, with all but the highest divisions regionalised.


The Amateur Football Combination comprises more than 1% of 11-a-side adult male football teams in England!

The Amateur Football Combination (AFC) is an adult male league affiliated to the Amateur Football Alliance (AFA), London FA, Middlesex FA and Surrey FA, and was formed in 2002 by the merger of the Old Boys' Football League (1907) and Southern Olympian League (1911) and subsequently merging with the London Financial Football Association (itself comprising the London Banks Football Association, 1900 and the London Insurance Football Association, 1908) in 2006.

In the AFC the emphasis is not only the game, but importantly playing in the Spirit of Football, promoting fair play and respect for all including being sociable and hospitable.

Home clubs are expected to provide hospitality for the opposition and match officials after the game, acknowledging that there should be more to football than simply ninety minutes on the pitch. Everyone knows that they have to go back to work on Monday morning!

The AFC offers players the opportunity to play at a level which suits their ability, providing a competitive but sporting game whether they are in the 1st XI or 9th XI. Our clubs and club members come from all walks - "Old Boys" sides from schools, colleges and universities, local authorities and business houses, as well as social clubs and, of course, Youth Clubs with the league providing an opening for young players to cross the bridge from youth into adult football.

Match officials are an integral part of the game and very much part of the family. There is no "them and us" - officials are treated just as hospitably as the opposition. Anyone interested in officiating in the league will be very welcome.

The League - Season 2013/14

View full league tables of all divisions for season 20013/14.

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