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Intelligent Lighting Environments

iLE is part of the PSV Glass and iGP Solutions Group of companies and proud to sponsor Old Salvatorians FC as part of its community approach.

iLe are a market leader in the commercial sector providing solutions for Window shading, Graphics and Acoustic wall treatments.

Being part of this prestigious and dynamic group, iLE is able to utilise the very best industry personnel on a strategic, commercial and operational level. The depth within the Group ensures that we are able to overcome any challenge and proactively provide solutions.

iLE has over a decade of experience in the window shading sector. In conjunction with PSV's knowledge of glass and iGP's specialisation in glass protection, through applied film & vinyl, the Group, quite literally, has it covered.

iLE also sources from a variety of suppliers which ensures that no project is entered into with prejudice and that product selection is based solely on the right product being delivered at the right time and within budget.

iLE actively promotes a service-led approach and our attention to detail ensures that all orders, from single to multiple items, are treated with the same professional care.


iLE is committed to care and big enough to deliver.


Ian Taylor

Commercial Director

iLE Solutions Limited


M: 07803 452714


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