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1. Players Responsibilities
•  All players representing OSFC are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and sportsmanlike manner.

•  All players must adhere to the FA Respect guidelines laid out on the club website.

•  Fines imposed by the AFA or any other disciplinary body must be paid by the due date.
2. Captains Responsibilities

• Captains are responsible for the general behaviour of their teams and must encourage good sportsmanship at all times.
• In the event of a caution or sending off, a brief written report from both player and captain should be submitted with the weekly team sheet. This procedure should be adopted even where a referee may have indicated a formal advice will not be sent to the appropriate disciplinary body.
•  Captains should also report any incidents not punished by a match official, but which are considered to be serious enough to bring the Clubs name into disrepute.
• Captains are also responsible for ensuring that weekly match subscriptions are collected and passed to the Treasurer weekly and that selection is in line with selection procedures.


3. Disciplinary Committee
•  Will comprise of three members from the full committee, which will review each offence, whether playing or non-playing related. In the case of bookings/cautions, this will be upon receipt of the AFA notification referee’s report; in the case of sending’s off, this will be on the day of the offence where possible, but certainly during the following week and by exception on receipt of the referees report.
• Where the offence is considered sufficiently serious, the Disciplinary Committee has the power to suspend the player involved from representing the Club until the referees report and written statements from the player and Captain are available for full review.


4. Fines

•  Players are responsible for the fines imposed by the AFA in relation to any offence. In addition, the Club will apply its own administration charges to be agreed by the Committee annually and advised to the Annual General Meeting.
• In normal circumstances, the punishment imposed under by the AFA disciplinary code will be deemed to be the acceptable punishment for the offence, with the exception of the following offences listed below in section

5. Suspensions below

• Where offences have not been formally reported by the referee, the punishment which would normally have been imposed under the AFA Disciplinary code shall be deemed to be the punishment at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee.


• Players will not be considered for selection if those fines remain outstanding 14 days after the due date of the offence to which the fine relates


5. Suspensions


  • A player will receive the following suspensions


A caution has been issued for Dissent -

  • Once -  Immediate 1 x game ban and £25 on top of AFA fine.

  • Twice -  Immediate 2 x game ban and £50 on top of  AFA fine - meet with Disc. Committee 

  • Third - Banned for the remainder of the season - £50 on top of AFA fine. AFA not league & member not re-registered until appears before Committee

  • A straight sending off for foul & abusive language directed to the referee equates to 2 bookings for Dissent


Violent Conduct

  • Once - Immediate 3x game ban on top of AFA punishment - £20 fine on top of AFA fine

  • Twice – Immediate 3x game ban on top of AFA punishment - £50 fine on top of AFA fine

  • Third - Banned until the end of the season - £50 fine on top of AFA fine. If any Player reaches this level they will not re-registered until they appear before Disciplinary Committee


  • Depending on what the offence is, the Disciplinary Committee can expel any player for a serious offence, even if it is a first offence.  Disc Committee can also review level of punishment.


Other cautions

  • 1st & 2nd - £10 fine on top of AFA fine.

  • 3rd  – Immediate 1 x game ban and £10 fine on top of  AFA fine 

  • 4th – Immediate 2 x game ban and £15 fine on top of  AFA fine

  • 5th – Immediate 3 x game ban and £30 fine on top of AFA fine. Plus interview with Disciplinary Committee

  • 6th   Immediate ban for the remainder of season- and £50 fine on top of AFA fine.


The Disciplinary Committee has the power to impose an additional playing ban and / or fine on an offending player where:-

  • They exceed three or more cautions in one season

  • The player has a history of misdemeanours (Club review at 5 cautions in a season by disciplinary committee

6. Expulsion
The Disciplinary Committee may recommend that a player is expelled from the Club in the event that he :
-              Incurs two dismissals in one season;
-              Persists in foul play season on season;
-              Is found guilty of misconduct by the AFA;
-              Behaves in a manner likely to bring the name of OSFC into disrepute. This includes violent conduct.
If endorsed by the full Committee, the player will be advised in writing and given notice of the appeal procedure as laid down in the Club's constitution under Rule 6.
•              The player has the right to attend a full hearing of the Committee to present his grounds for appeal.
•              The final decision of the full Committee at appeal shall be binding. 
This code is designed to protect the enjoyment of the majority of players, as well as match officials and our opposition. Old Salvatorians aspires to be considered a Premier Club in all its aspects of operation by its members and peers. This includes being sportsmanlike and hospitable and it is important that the enjoyment of the majority is not affected by a small minority.


7. Appeals Procedures


•              If a player wishes to appeal a sending off, he must advise the Secretary within five days. A report detailing the grounds of the appeal together with the appropriate fee must be provided. Players will be required to attend the subsequent AFA appeals hearing.
•              Bookings/Cautions cannot be appealed.

•              If a player or captain wishes to appeal a decision of the Disciplinary Committee, he may attend the next meeting of the full Committee, which may uphold, modify or dismiss the decision.
•              There is no further appeal beyond the full Committee.









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