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As a business consultancy, we help construction industry businesses get greater value from their investments. We work across a spectrum from the largest to smallest businesses directly and indirectly involved in construction.


Working quietly behind the scenes, we have helped businesses collaborate better with their supply chains, managed transitions from owner-managers to new executive teams, and supported new businesses in their first pushes for sustainable and profitable growth.


Our core services focus on helping customers define a problem, develop a solution and then deliver the desired business outcomes. We help clients with challenges that can be broadly grouped into four headings:

  • Business strategy

  • Strategic business development

  • Productivity and Operational improvement

  • Collaboration


Our work is relationship-based and addresses the particular issues that are unique to our customers.


We have strong relationships in a large network of influential people in the sector, which, when combined with many years of experience, provides an effective and valuable service to our customers.


We would love to offer this service to any Old Salvo’s who are involved in Construction.


Contact Brendan Morahan or Tim Fitch


32 Bloomsbury Street, London, UK, WC1B 3QJ

Telephone: 0207 299 4268



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