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Presentation awards evening

In a super evening held at Bricket Wood Social Club, the club celebrated its end of season with the presentation of the players of the year and annual memorial awards. 

Undoubted highlight was the acknowledgement of the inaugural Peter Snell Memorial Shield from Fran Snell. Supported by their daughter Jacqui, Fran  expressed her gratitude for the support Peter received from the members before he passed and the family had received afterwards. She also spoke of Peter's love of the club, describing his "re-joining" in 1986 as coming home. 

This award will be voted each year for the "Clubman of the Year", with the Steve Olohan Memorial Shield being retired with the blessing of Steve's father Gerry, who has spoken so eloquently many times at previous awards events. He had sent a note thanking the club for keeping Steve's memory alive and the strength this provided to the family over the years. 


Congratulations to James Smith, the current Chair, who was awarded the trophy in an overwhelming majority. 

Also congratulations to current 4th xi captain / manager, Liam Jennings who was elected as a lifetime member for his sterling service as a player and captain over the last 25 years or more. Other awards were presented by other lifetime members, Eddy Murphy, Frank Sugrue, Peter Payne and Andy Harrington. 


Full list of award winners:

  • Clubman of the Year - Peter Snell Memorial Shield - James Smith

  • Players Player of the Year - Bruno Castagnetti / Frank O'Connor Memorial trophy - Danny Sartori

  • Young Player of the Year - Sean Rickard Memorial trophy - Harrison Chick

  • Captains of the Year - Glenn Phaure Memorial Shield - Sean O’Connor & James Smith

  • Significant Contribution Award - Tom Kavanagh Memorial Shield - Andrew Smith

  • Honorary Life Membership - Liam Jennings

  • Golden Boot - Jack McCall

  • Golden Glove - Jack Curd

  • 1st Team Player of the Year - Danny Sartori

  • 2nd Team Player of the Year - Rob Browell

  • 3rd Team Player of the Year - Ben Walsh

  • 4th Team Player of the Year - Harrison Chick

  • Vets Player of the Year - James Burgess

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