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Old Salvatorians FC is proud to present its club sponsors for 2021/22. We would like to thank each one of them for their generous support for the club.


With successive Governments selling off our playing fields, it is becoming more and more expensive to run football clubs such as ours, and if we are to provide this facility for our children, we will increasingly rely on the support of our most generous sponsors. Without their help, we may not be able to provide grass roots football in the years to come. We are absolutely delighted they have chosen to support our Club, and we are equally determined to make sure that they get full value for their money.  We encourage all out members and visitors to visit their websites. If you click onto their link, you will find an array of products, services, and even employment opportunities. Please make sure you peruse ALL the sites, and share this information with your friends and colleagues. These guys are our friends, and we will make sure we can help them at every opportunity.


Again, our sincere thanks to all who have chosen to support us. 


If you know of an individual or Company who would like to sponsor our club please put them in touch with us. Alternatively is you would like to know more about sponsoring the club please get in touch.


For more information 




Or contact James Smith on 07703 625717 

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